Effects of Physical Exercise and Cold Stimulation on Serum Testosterone Level in men.

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  • 男性における運動負荷・冷水負荷の血清テストステロン濃度に及ぼす効果について
  • 男性における運動負荷・冷水負荷の血清テストステロン濃度に及ぼす効果について〔英文〕
  • ダンセイ ニ オケル ウンドウ フカ レイスイ フカ ノ ケッセイ テストステ

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The concentrations of testosterone (TS) and other related hormones in serum were examined before and after physical exercise with a bicycle ergometer (90 Watts, 20min.) and a cold water stimulation in 32 19-year-old males. While exercising, the serum TS level significantly increased by 20.8% (p<0.05), the luteinizing hormone (LH) level by 3.6% (p<0.05) and noradrenaline (NA) level by 140.0% (p<0.01).<br>During cold water stimulation, TS decreased by 10.0%, LH increased by 22.1% and NA decreased by 23.8%.<br>Based on changes in hormone levels within the individual during the loads, there was a significant positive correlation coefficient (r) between TS and LH, and between TS and NA, with r (TS-LH)=0.399 (p<0.05) and r (TS-NA)=0.481 (p<0.05) for physical exercise, while r (TS-LH)=0.403 (p<0.05) and r (TS-NA)=0.431 (p<0.05) for cold water stimulation, respectively.<br>These results suggest that physical exercise increases TS level in serum by increasing LH and NA levels, but these tendencies were not found with cold water stimulation.



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