Unrestrained Human Gait Motion Analysis of Healthy Subjects and Trans-Femoral Amputee Using Mobile Force Plate

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  • 移動式床反力計を用いた制約のない健常者および大腿切断者の歩行運動解析


In human gait motion analysis, which is one useful method for efficient physical rehabilitation, ground reaction forces, kinetic and kinematic parameters are measured. Recently, it is thought that trans-femoral amputees must regain moving pattern by refined rehabilitation program using loads applied on a prosthetic limb and understanding them is indispensable for gait analysis based on the biomechanical consideration of trans-femoral amputees. For obtaining these data as the unrestrained gait measurement, a novel gait motion analysis system using mobile force plate and attitude sensor has been developed. However, it has been used at only specially-cleaned experimental laboratory. In this study, ground reaction forces and joint moments applied on the lower limb of healthy subjects and trans-femoral amputee are measured and energy consumption is calculated under a wide range of environmental conditions including slope and stairs by the developed system. As a result of the experiments, the patterns of joint moments in the sagittal plane and energy consumption by them are obtained as the remarkably different feature quantities in addition to braking and propulsive forces among the five activities. Finally, the effectiveness of the developed system to analyze human biomechanics during gait and its quantitative evaluation based on those data is validated.


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