Distribution and feeding habits of ayu Plecoglossus altivelis altivelis larvae in coastal waters of Tosa Bay

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  • 土佐湾沿岸域におけるアユ仔魚の分布および食性
  • トサワン エンガンイキ ニ オケル アユ シギョ ノ ブンプ オヨビ ショクセイ

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  The distribution and feeding habits of the larvae of ayu Plecoglossus altivelis altivelis were investigated in the coastal waters of Tosa Bay from 2000 to 2004. The larvae (chiefly yolk-sac and preflexion stages, 4.0-13.5 mm BL) were distributed horizontally 3 km inshore and vertically on the surface, being influenced by coastal waters. Average feeding incidences were 40.8-47.9% in yolk-sac and 46.6-81.5% in preflexion stages. They fed on copepods, chiefly Oithona and Paracalanus type, which were dominant in the zooplankton fauna of the waters. In accordance with the development of the larvae, the copepods consumed gradually changed from the nauplius to copepodite stage. When the monthly frequency of hatching of ayu larvae inhabiting surf zones close to the waters investigated were compared among year groups, it was suggested that the degree of assemblage of early larvae near the coast and the density of copepods were significant for their survival until migration to the surf zones.<br>



    NIPPON SUISAN GAKKAISHI 72 (6), 1057-1067, 2006

    The Japanese Society of Fisheries Science

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