Hypocholesterolemic Effect of Chitosan in Adult Males.

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  • Hypocholesterolemic action of chitosans in adult males

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The present study is the first to report the hypocholesterolemic effect of chitosan on humans. When 3-6 g/day of chitosan was given in the diet to 8 healthy males, total serum cholesterol significantly decreased, and when the ingestion was stopped, the value increased to the level before ingestion. Serum HDL-cholesterol was increased significantly by the ingestion of chitosan. The excreted amounts of primary bile acids, cholic acid and chenodeoxycholic acid, into the feces was significantly increased by the ingestion of chitosan, and the amount of cholic acid excretion decreased significantly after the ingestion was stopped. These facts suggest that chitosan combined bile acids in the digestive tract, and that the combined product was excreted into the feces. This, in turn, deceased the resorption of bile acids, so that the cholesterol poool in the body was decreased and the level of serum chrolesterol consequently decreased.


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