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Lattice Strain and Domain Switching Induced in Tetragonal PZT by Poling and Mechanical Loading.

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The X-ray diffraction method was applied to measure the change of the lattice strain and domain switching in tetragonal lead zirconate titanate (PZT) due to poling and external mechanical loading. The lattice strain was determined from the linear relation between the diffraction angle and sin2ψ(ψ is the angle between the normals of the diffraction plane and the specimen surface). The lattice strain measured by X-rays is less than 50% of the macrostrain determined from the dimensional change due to poling. The applied strain induced the increase of the lattice strain, and the amount of increase was about 50% of the applied strain. The amount of domain switching was evaluated by the change of the intensity ratio of 002 to 200 diffraction. The intensity ratio was decreased with the applied strain. The broadening of X-ray diffraction profiles obtained from the diffraction plane perpendicular to the poling direction was the maximum, indicating the largest microstrain in the poling direction.


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