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Photochemically Induced Refractive Index and Fluorescence Control in Polymer Films

  • MURASE Seiichiro
    Department of Organic and Polymer Materials Chemistry, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Electronic and Imaging Materials Research Laboratories, Toray Industries, Inc.
  • HORIE Kazuyuki
    Electronic and Imaging Materials Research Laboratories, Toray Industries, Inc.

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  • 光反応を用いたポリマーフィルムの屈折率および蛍光制御


Photochemically induced refractive index and fluorescence control in polymer films is reported. Large refractive index changes, greater than 0.01 (up to 0.06), in polymer films containing various photoreactive and photoeliminable compounds were obtained by photoirradiation, maintaining transparency over a wide visible region. The large refractive index changes obtained were attributed to the additive contribution of molar refraction changes and density changes of the polymer films through photoirradiation. A practical system with the increases in refractive index of photoirradiated area and moderate thermal stability was developed. As for the fluorescence control, fluorescence switching in polymer films containing a fluorescent dye and a photochromic compound by photoisomerization of the photochromic compound was demonstrated. Reversible switching of fluorescence with high contrast in a polymer film has been realized through effective energy transfer from the fluorescent dye to a colored form of the photochromic compound.



    KOBUNSHI RONBUNSHU 60 (10), 517-530, 2003

    The Society of Polymer Science, Japan

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