Cause of Weight Rebound with Obese Women Who Had Lost Weight and Effect of Intervention by Telephone and Newsletters

  • Yamaguchi Setsuko
    Institute of Physical Fitness Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, Aichi Medical University

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  • 減量した肥満女性におけるリバウンドの原因と電話,ニューズレターによる介入効果
  • ゲンリョウシタ ヒマン ジョセイ ニ オケル リバウンド ノ ゲンイン ト デンワ ニューズレター ニ ヨル カイニュウ コウカ

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Studies on the weight rebound were studied with 60 women who had taken a 6-month course of a weightreduction program. These women were within 0.5 to 5.0 years after successfully participating in the program. The women participating in the program did not show any symptoms of serious diseases, except for those with simple obesity and a BMI score of higher than 25. Some of them experienced a significant weight rebound after completing the program. The present results indicate that those who gained weight failed to restrict their energy intake at meals, and also that their eating behavior tended to be greatly affected by outside stimuli. A further investigation randomly assigned the 60 women to 4 groups to find an effective way to prevent them from regaining weight. The first group was those subjects who did not make any effort at all during 6-month intervention period. The second group was regularly provided with intervention by telephone, the third group was provided with only information regarding diet and health through newsletters, and the fourth group was given the intervention by both telephone and newsletters. The treatment, which consisted of psychological support by oral communication as well as the constant offer of current news related to diet and health, seemed to be the most effective approach to control the weight of obese women.


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