Design of the tunable micro optical filter for measuring spectroscopic image

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  • 分光画像計測のための可変波長マイクロ光フィルタの設計(研究)
  • 分光画像計測のための可変波長マイクロ光フィルタの設計
  • ブンコウ ガゾウ ケイソク ノ タメ ノ カヘン ハチョウ マイクロ ヒカリ フィルタ ノ セッケイ

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This paper reports on a tunable micro optical filter for measuring spectral endoscope which can acquire spectroscopic images of a target. We use a micro Fabry-Perot Interferometer (MFPI) as the tunable optical filter. The MFPI with the Si/Si_3N_4/Si multi-layer mirrors and the MFPI prototype were designed and fabricated. This MFPI can be used in the wavelength ranging from 450 nm to 1000 nm. The RGB image of the butterfly was taken by the spectral endoscope, which consists of the MFPI prototype, a CCD, and lenses. The image according to the peak wavelength was also acquired. Thus, we demonstrate the efficiency of the MFPI for the spectral endoscope.


  • Micromechatronics

    Micromechatronics 56 (207), 10-21, 2012

    The Horological Institute of Japan


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