A Theoretical Analysis of Geographical Display Protection System in Place Branding

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  • 【研究会報告】/地域ブランド論における地理的表示保護制度の理論的考察
  • 地域ブランド論における地理的表示保護制度の理論的考察
  • チイキ ブランドロン ニ オケル チリテキ ヒョウジ ホゴ セイド ノ リロンテキ コウサツ

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The purpose of this study was to clarify the features and issues of the Geographical Display Protection System, which was launched in June 2015, from the perspective of the place branding theory. The Geographical Display Protection System aims to protect the name (geographical display) that can identify the connection with the area as intellectual property. In that sense, the geographical display is regarded as a type of place brand. Therefore, in this paper, the characteristics of the Geographical Display Protection System were compared with the Regional Organization Trademark System, which started operations in April 2006. The findings revealed that the Geographical Display Protection System differs from the Regional Organization Trademark System in the (1) presence of brand holder, (2) way of brand determination, and (3) type of brand structure. Although the Geographical Display Protection System still has some problems, it solved some of the issues of the Regional Organization Trademark System.


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