<Short Reports>TsukubaA Study on the Present Situation of Support for After-school Day Service

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  • 放課後等デイサービスにおける支援の現状に関する研究
  • ホウカゴ トウ デイサービス ニ オケル シエン ノ ゲンジョウ ニ カンスル ケンキュウ

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<p>Since April 2012, a service to support after-school activities of school children with disabilities has been provided according to the Child Welfare Act as one of the daycare services for children with disabilities. At present, the feature of the provided supports in response to attributes of the target child and considerations to improve the quality of the support have not yet been revealed. Therefore, in this study, questionnaire was sent to after-school day service facilities throughout the country to elucidate a feature of supports in response to the attribute of the target child. As a result, although it was not possible to clarify the details related to the expertise of the staff and the qualitative aspects of the service, it turned out that one of the characteristic features is that the support is provided for depending on the type of a disability in a child, their school year, the type of the school of their affiliation, and that the service contents are clearly different depending on those factors. In addition, it is thought that in the future it will be necessary to clarify through further research regarding whether high quality services are being provided, what are the services’ specializations and what is the quality level of such services.</p>



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