Consideration on Support for Improving Employment Preparation for Students with Developmental Disabilities

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  • 発達障害学生における就労準備性を高める支援についての検討
  • 発達障害学生における就労準備性を高める支援についての検討 : 「就職活動準備講座」の分析を通して
  • ハッタツ ショウガイ ガクセイ ニ オケル シュウロウ ジュンビセイ オ タカメル シエン ニ ツイテ ノ ケントウ : 「 シュウショク カツドウ ジュンビ コウザ 」 ノ ブンセキ オ トオシテ
  • : Through the Analysis of “Job Hunting Preparation Course”
  • -「就職活動準備講座」の分析を通して-

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<p>The number of students with developmental disorders has been increasing year after year at higher education institutions, and issues related to career and employment have also been studied variously. When thinking about job hunting support for students with developmental disabilities, it is important to understand tasks peculiar to students with developmental disabilities and comprehensively examine them according to individual obstacle characteristics. However, because expertise is also required, cooperation with not only campus resources but also support organizations outside the university and various programs is a pillar of support. Therefore, in this research, we developed and offered the "Employment Preparation Course" program centered on simulated workplace experiences utilizing resources outside the school for students with developmental disabilities, and examined the effect. As a result, cooperation was obtained from 12 students who participated in this program in FY 2016 and FY 2017, and it was possible to consider that there was an effect on improvement of the preparation for employment and the assessment function of the characteristics.</p>


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