Quantum Turbulence Driven by Object Motions in Superfluids(Current Topic)

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  • 物体の運動で発現する量子乱流(最近の研究から)
  • 物体の運動で発現する量子乱流
  • ブッタイ ノ ウンドウ デ ハツゲン スル リョウシ ランリュウ

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In superfluids with order parameters of an amplitude and a phase, superfiows are driven by the gradient of the phase. Since only phase defects with a 2π rotation force the superfiows turbulent, the superfluid turbulence (quantum turbulence) consists only of quantized circulations around the defects, namely quantized vortices. This characteristics enables to explore turbulence with respect to motions of quantized vortices. In experiments, quantum turbulence can be driven by object motions with attached vortices. Using this method, we have investigated the motions of quantized vortices in quantum turbulence, as well as the motions of vortex rings emitted from quantum turbulence. In this letter, we report vortex motions in superfluid ^4He turbulence from both experimental and numerical studies.


  • Butsuri

    Butsuri 68 (11), 734-738, 2013-11-05

    The Physical Society of Japan

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