Driven Translocation of Polymer(Current Topics)

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  • 紐状分子の非平衡ダイナミクス : 細孔通過現象を中心に(最近の研究から)
  • 紐状分子の非平衡ダイナミクス : 細孔通過現象を中心に
  • ヒモジョウ ブンシ ノ ヒヘイコウ ダイナミクス : サイコウ ツウカ ゲンショウ オ チュウシン ニ

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When a flexible chain is pulled or sucked, it can initially respond only locally, and sequential nonequilibrium processes with large conformational distortion follow in line with the propagation of tensile force along the chain backbone. By analyzing universal aspects of the dynamical response inherent in chain-like-molecules, we elucidate the dynamical scaling scenario in such situations. From this viewpoint, we highlight the richness and complexity involved in the dynamics of translocation, i.e., macromolecular transport across a pore, actively driven by external forces.


  • Butsuri

    Butsuri 67 (10), 705-709, 2012-10-05

    The Physical Society of Japan


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