Drone Society

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  • ドローン前提社会
  • ドローン ゼンテイ シャカイ

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<p>The authors define a "drone society" as a society in which problems are discovered and solved using drones and related digital technologies, and discuss the utilization of drones for realizing such a "drone society." First, examples of UAV/UAS usages in various industries are presented as well as robots and self-driving cars. Second, the authors discuss social acceptance, safe operation management, human resources development, and impacts on cities. These issues should be discussed in greater depth with citizens. Finally, necessary deregulation and feasibility studies are also pointed out. It seems desirable to conduct rule-making and social experiments by considering not only small UAV or UAS but also auto-pilot maritime drones, robotics and self-driving cars.</p>


  • IATSS Review

    IATSS Review 44 (2), 92-99, 2019-10-31

    International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences


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