A Study on Designation of Area on Two-layer Relation between Location Normalization Plan and Urban Planning

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  • 立地適正化計画と既存都市計画の二層的構造における区域設定のあり方に関する研究
  • Focusing on Induing Area Types and Original Area
  • 誘導区域の類型区分と独自区域の活用に着目して


<p>This study aims to clarify designation state of inducing areas of residence and urban function, and of original area on Location normalization plan(LNP) by focusing on two-layer relation between LNP and Urban planning. As a result, we revealed that most cities designated inducing areas base on Land use in spite of different designatable area by area division. In designation of Residence inducing area(RIA), there are two trends that designation based on local characteristics; population, public transportation, urban function, and strategic designation based on public transportation wayside. However, in designation of Urban function inducing area(UIA), many cities designated range and number of areas based on sort of Inducing facilities. Moreover, many original areas were designated outside area of RIA inside Land use, and core areas excluded UIA based on Municipal master plan.</p>


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