Verification of Validity and Reliability of Seamless Care for Elderly Dementia Patients in Community-based Integrated Care Scale: Nursing Staff in Hospital for Community-based Care

  • Ogiso Kanako
    School of Medicine, Gifu University Nursing Course
  • Itoh Kohji
    Meijo University Graduate School of Environmental and Human Science

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  • 地域包括ケアにおける認知症高齢患者のシームレスケア実践力尺度の妥当性と信頼性の検討:
  • 地域包括ケアにおける認知症高齢患者のシームレスケア実践力尺度の妥当性と信頼性の検討 : 地域包括ケア病棟の看護職に着目をして
  • チイキ ホウカツ ケア ニ オケル ニンチショウ コウレイ カンジャ ノ シームレスケア ジッセンリョク シャクド ノ ダトウセイ ト シンライセイ ノ ケントウ : チイキ ホウカツ ケア ビョウトウ ノ カンゴショク ニ チャクモク オ シテ
  • 地域包括ケア病棟の看護職に着目をして

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<p>Objective: This study aimed to verify the validity and reliability of the seamless care for elderly dementia patients in community-based integrated care scale.</p><p>Method: A questionnaire survey was administered to 1,370 nurses at 137 hospitals for community-based care.</p><p>Results: We obtained 570 valid responses (41.6%). There were no question items indicating floor and ceiling effects. An exploratory factor analysis revealed that seamless care consisted of the following six factors: “utilizing the advantages of multiple occupations,” “considering the current state of a patient’s family,” “maintaining a patient’s gentle daily life,” “aiming to improve a patient’s daily living behavior according to cognitive function,” “medical management for a patient after being discharged,” and “cooperation with medical social workers from the beginning of hospitalization.” No question items had factor loadings less than .400. Because the α value of each factor was not less than .800, the internal consistency of this scale could be verified. In a confirmatory factor analysis, the comparative fit index values were .905 and above .900, and the root mean square error of approximation value was .065.</p><p>Conclusion: The validity and reliability of this scale were verified. This scale should be used to fulfill functions required for hospitals for community-based care to cope with elderly dementia patients.</p>


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