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Approach to Geographic Outreach in the Tsunami Disaster Report Published by the Office of a Severely Damaged Town: Reconstruction of Evacuation Behavior as Spatiotemporal Sequence Information

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  • 『山田町震災記録誌』制作を通した自然災害認識への地理学的アウトリーチ―避難行動をパーソナル・スケールの時空間情報として再現する―


<p>Several geographers contributed to the documents on the 2011 tsunami disaster published by the town office of Yamada, northeastern Japan. In the chapter on the tsunami inundation and evacuation from it, we reconstructed the verbal evidence on evacuees' behavior as information on spatiotemporal sequences presented in detailed maps and time–location diagrams. We used personal-scale descriptions of the behavior, which were interpreted on the environmental characteristics of each settlement as a spatial base of evacuation and daily living. The documents demonstrate a type of geographic outreach on natural disasters, which contain valuable, applicable information for both education on personal emergency evacuation and long-term regional planning including settlement relocation in tsunami-prone areas.</p>


  • E-journal GEO

    E-journal GEO 13 (1), 184-201, 2018

    The Association of Japanese Geographers

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