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Contemporary Issues and the Possibilities to Inquiry into Them in the Sociology of Deviance:

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  • 逸脱研究の論点とその探求可能性
  • 逸脱研究の論点とその探求可能性 : ディスコース分析をめぐって
  • イツダツ ケンキュウ ノ ロンテン ト ソノ タンキュウ カノウセイ : ディスコース ブンセキ オ メグッテ
  • ディスコース分析をめぐって
  • Discourse Analysis and its Usage in the Research of Deviance

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<p>This paper examines the significance of the social constructionist approach in the sociology of deviance and discusses the possibility of discourse analysis being applicable in that field. There are two subordinate and practical questions for this consideration. One concerns the actuality of the sociology of deviance today. As discussed elsewhere, the sociology of deviance has declined since the 1980s and criminology has taken its place. We discuss the reasons for such a shift in terms of the changes in schemes of crime control in late modernity, and the emergence of new criminological insights and practices.We also discuss how some considerations like the new penology indicate the field where sociological insights and the research practices of deviance could successfully survive to demonstrate their abilities. Another subordinate question concerns the actualities of the social constructionist approach, especially in discourse analysis. This approach is sometimes criticized in Japan because it does not work well with the life history method, and has associated issues. However, to analyze the accomplishment of some identity in talk it is often helpful for us to understand what is going on in the situation and the significance of the story. I analyze an old confession of a drug user in Japan and identify the identity that was accomplished by the speaker. To identify the interpretative repertoire used, it also would be helpful for us to understand the mediated ideology that we might find in interactional situations. I analyze the discourse of druginduced sufferings and identify four interpretative repertoires to show that these repertoires would be helpful in understanding the features of drug-induced suffering in Japan. These analyses show that discourse analysis is still be an effective method for describing deviance as a part of society.</p>



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