Education in Vocational High Schools and Forestry Employment

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  • 専門高校における教育と林業就業
  • 専門高校における教育と林業就業 : 鹿児島県を事例として
  • センモン コウコウ ニ オケル キョウイク ト リンギョウ シュウギョウ : カゴシマケン オ ジレイ ト シテ
  • 鹿児島県を事例として
  • Case Study in Kagoshima Prefecture

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Vocational high school has not been regarded as a main issue in the discussion on human resource development of forestry, but about 1000 students per year graduate with a specialized subject related to forest and forestry. As a result of investigating Kagoshima prefecture as a case, the number of graduates and employment to the forest industry have also decreased significantly since the1960’s. On the other hand, according to the survey of the high school graduation history about Green Employment trainees, it became clear that the vocational high school graduates occupy the majority. Regarding the influence of specialized education in high school, it should be evaluated not only for new graduates but also for when graduates choose occupations. From the perspective of the point of contact between forestry and school education, it is also necessary to consider the vocational relevance of education in high schools.


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