Shortening of Tool Collision Check Time using Simplification of Free-Form Surface for Multi Axis Controlled Machining

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  • 自由曲面簡略化を用いた多軸制御加工における工具干渉チェック時間の短縮


<p>This study proposes a new reduction method of tool collision check time for multi axis controlled machining. The collision check and avoidance are essential to generate the tool path for multi axis controlled machining. Then, much time is required to calculate the collision areas to the workpiece that has complex machining surfaces and narrow non-collision areas such as an impeller. In our approach, free-formed surfaces representing machining surfaces with NURBS are simplified to first order or second order surfaces based on two strategies, i.e. reduction of control points and order. However, since simple reduction of control points and orders leads to the completely different shape from the original shape, both parameters have to be controlled appropriately by keeping errors caused by the simplification operation minimum. This paper presents the simplification methods with suppressing simplification errors, and its effectiveness is verified.</p>



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