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Recognition of Young Carers by Health and Social Service Professionals : Analyzing a Questionnaire Survey of "Tokyo Medical Social Workers"


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  • ヤングケアラーに対する医療福祉専門職の認識 : 東京都医療社会事業協会会員へのアンケート調査の分析から
  • ヤングケアラー ニ タイスル イリョウ フクシ センモンショク ノ ニンシキ : トウキョウト イリョウ シャカイ ジギョウ キョウカイ カイイン エ ノ アンケート チョウサ ノ ブンセキ カラ

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In general, children are supposed to be protected and cared for by adults. However, some children assume as much care responsibility as adults owing to their family situation. These children are referred to as "young carers." This study analyzes a questionnaire survey administered to Tokyo medical social workers to study the approximate scale of the young carer population in Japan as well as how health and social service professionals recognize these young carers. The results indicated that about 30% of 402 respondents had felt the presence of young carers through their work. In addition, the frequently cited reasons why these children assumed care responsibilities, included parents' disease or hospitalization and belonging to a single-parent family. On the whole, the respondents demonstrated a high level of interest in young carers. However, it was revealed that a method of supporting these children has not yet been established in Japan. Thus, individual professionals deal with young carers through trial and error.


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