A Route Search System Considering Urgency and Efficient Coverage under the Condition of Uncertain Information


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  • 不十分な情報下での緊急度と効率的な網羅を考慮した経路探索システム


<p>The covered route search problem for graphs with deadline time has applications such as aerial photographing route search problem at natural disaster. However, information on the deadline time of a node is not necessarily fully known in advance, and it is not realistic to calculate the optimum route in advance. In this paper, we propose a method to calculate a route as efficient as possible while giving priority to nodes with efficient covering under these conditions. The feature of this method is to prevent extreme deterioration of performance against dynamic change of information by using heuristics that makes the remaining nodes as one unit as possible. As a result of experiment using 100 patterns graph randomly allocated urgency, this method was able to reduce flight time of average 36.52% compared with simple method . And, in many graphs, the proposed method reduces the case that does not meet the deadline.</p>


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