The Course of Language Acquisition in an Infant with Aglossia

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  • 無舌症児の構音獲得に関する一考察

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<p>Aglossia is an extremely rare congenital disease. While the condition is commonly discussed in the context of school-aged children, reports of the disease in newborns are rare. Herein, for the first time, we describe the course of a child who was born with aglossia and whose language acquisition was observed over time. The patient underwent tracheotomy and received continuous support from a team of doctors and speech-language-hearing therapist (ST). The interventions used and the course of language acquisition in other children who were born with aglossia were then assessed. We next used fluoroscopy to characterize articulation dynamics, as indicated by the formant-based analysis of vowels. Ultimately, we describe the effects of tracheotomy on articulatory acquisition of language development in children with aglossia.</p>



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