Influence of Inversion and Eversion of the Foot on Alignment of the Lower Limbs

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  • 足部の内,外反が下肢アライメントに及ぼす影響

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The purpose of this study was to examine changes in alignment of the lower limbs and the movement of muscle activity of the lower limbs making the foot invert and evert during standing on one leg. <br>Eighteen healthy adults were studied in the change in alignment reontgenographycally and 5 out of 18 were studied in the movement of muscle activity electromyographically. They showed no changes in femoro-tibial angle and talo-tibial angle, but notable change in subtalar joint including tibial tilting angle by frontal plane of X ray films. Eversion, compared with inversion, changes in alignment were more intensive, increasing the volume of muscle activity. These results suggested that the compulsive eversion would be difficult to stabilize the supporting legs.


  • Physical Therapy Japan

    Physical Therapy Japan 16 (5), 323-330, 1989-09-10

    Japanese Society of Physical Therapy

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