Framework of REDD+

  • MATSUMOTO Mitsuo
    国立研究開発法人森林研究・開発機構森林総合研究所 関西支所

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  • 2. REDD+の仕組み
  • REDD+の仕組み
  • REDD+ノ シクミ

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<p>The overview of REDD+ is presented to facilitate discussion of the special issue on REDD+. REDD+ is an international program intended to mitigate CO2 emissions by conserving forests in developing countries. After 10 years' negotiation, the Paris agreement encouraged to take action to implement and support for REDD+ in 2017. The scientific and historical background of the REDD+ is shown at first, then the framework of REDD+ is illustrated. National Forest Monitoring System (NFMS) and Forest Reference Emission Levels and Forest Reference Levels (FREL/FRL) are focused as important technical issues of REDD+. Remote sensing is expected as a key technique for transparent monitoring of forest carbon. While methodologies for REDD+ have reached the implementation phase, negotiation on REDD+ finance is ongoing under the Green Climate Fund.</p>



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