The Frame of the Protest Movement against ‘Stuttgart 21’

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  • 大規模駅開発「シュツットガルト21」反対運動のフレーム
  • ダイキボエキ カイハツ 「 シュツットガルト 21 」 ハンタイ ウンドウ ノ フレーム

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<p>The State of Baden-Württemberg, Germany is often considered politically moderate or conservative, whilst Berlin and Hamburg, for example, are thought to be more progressive. Perhaps, as a consequence, acts of violence are sometimes seen in demonstrations held in Berlin or Hamburg, but in the region around the Baden-Württemberg state capital of Stuttgart, known as ‘Schwaben’, there have been very few large-scale demonstrations until recently. However, frequent mass demonstrations have arisen, since the government announced the substantial and controversial urban development project, dubbed ‘Stuttgart 21’.</p><p>This paper aims to consider the background of the Stuttgart 21 protest movement, which involves people from a wide range of political traditions. In particular, it examines the ‘schwäbisch’ feature of ‘Tüftler und Erfinder’ i. e. the attitude of patiently dealing with a problem and making incremental changes where appropriate, which is envisaged as the main frame of the protest movement. Furthermore, the characteristics of the demonstrations, such as the use of costumes, musical pipes, technical lectures and so on, which have facilitated the participation of people who do not come from Schwaben in the movement, are highlighted.</p>


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