Proposal of EFiC (Environment-Factor-intellectual Concentration) Framework Based on Human Characteristics

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  • 人間特性に基づくEFiC(Environment-Factor-intellectual Concentration)フレームワークの提案
  • 人間特性に基づくEFiC(Environment-Factor-intellectual Concentration)フレームワークの提案 : 執務環境の変化に伴う知的生産性変化のメカニズム導出方法
  • ニンゲン トクセイ ニ モトズク EFiC(Environment-Factor-intellectual Concentration)フレームワーク ノ テイアン : シツム カンキョウ ノ ヘンカ ニ トモナウ チテキ セイサンセイ ヘンカ ノ メカニズム ドウシュツ ホウホウ
  • —執務環境の変化に伴う知的集中変化のメカニズム導出方法—
  • —Method of Deriving Mechanism of Changes in Intellectual Concentration by Workplace Environment—

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<p>In this paper, a framework has been examined for quantitatively analyzing the relation between the workplace environment and intellectual concentration, through “factors” that connect between them, in order to improve intellectual concentration in the office. Specifically, “human characteristics” have been focused on and the factors affecting intellectual concentration was categorized into two groups. They are dynamic factors (arousal, mood, fatigue, stressor assessment) which vary during work and static factors (reference value, environmental sensitivity) which do not change. Using these factors, the measurement method and the quantification method have been examined, and EFiC framework (Environment-Factor-intellectual Concentration) has been proposed for deriving the mechanism of intellectual concentration affected by the workplace environment. In order to confirm the effectiveness of the EFiC framework, it was applied to the measurement data acquired in a past experiment of the intellectual concentration affected by lighting environment. As the result, concrete suggestions to improve the operating environment based on the characteristics of people were obtained. By applying this framework to measurement experiments of various intellectual concentration, it is expected that effective suggestions for improving intellectual concentration will be obtained. In addition, in order to expand this framework in general purpose, it is conceivable to consider more effective measurement method and analysis method.</p>



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