Charge Recycling Technique For Arbitrary Rational Conversion Ratio Switched Capactor DC-DC Converter

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  • 任意の整数比を有するスイッチトキャパシタDC-DCコンバータの寄生容量電荷の再利用に関する実験報告
  • ニンイ ノ セイスウヒ オ ユウスル スイッチトキャパシタ DC-DC コンバータ ノ キセイ ヨウリョウ デンカ ノ サイリヨウ ニ カンスル ジッケン ホウコク

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<p>A technique to improve the power efficiency of switched capacitor DC-DC converters, which reuses the charge of parasitic capacitance in the circuit, has been reported. In this research, the charge recycling method is applied to the DC-DC converter derived from continued fraction expansion and the conversion efficiency is discussed. Simulation was performed using 0.18µm CMOS process parameters for verification. Adiabatic operation of the proposed circuit can be confirmed from simulation results.</p>



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