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The knowledge and abilities for technical communication in the primary and secondary education

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  • 初等・中等教育におけるテクニカルコミュニケーション知識・能力
  • 初等・中等教育におけるテクニカルコミュニケーション知識・能力 : 大学におけるテクニカルコミュニケーション教育の改善に向けて
  • − 大学におけるテクニカルコミュニケーション教育の改善に向けて
  • - towards improvement in education on technical communication in university curriculum

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To find the duplication of technical communication educational program in higher education with curriculum in primary and secondary education, we compared contents of “knowledge and abilities” educated in Technical Communication Comprehensive Program with educational matters of “Gakushuu Shidou Youryou (course of study)” in primary and secondary education in Japan. The results showed that in the subject “Joho”(Information), fields of “Information gathering and analysis”, “Information architecture” and “Compliance” of “knowledge and abilities” for technical communication are included in the primary and secondary educational matters. Because of these results, it is expected the teachers on technical communication can educate efficiently considering knowledge and abilities of the learners on technical communication in university curriculum, and also expected the learners on technical communication can recognize the knowledge and abilities related to technical communication knowledge and abilities in their own, so they can study organically.



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