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  • engawa:
  • プライバシーを考慮した空間可視化システム
  • A space visualization system that protects privacy


Engawa is a system for visualizing what is happening within a space and transmitting this information to the outside. In recent years, more and more people are participating in exhibitions and other events using various methods besides actually going to the venue, including participating remotely through live video broadcasts, social media, and so on. In addition, both those who went to the event, as well as those who did not, can watch and comment on the archived footage. In this way, participants can exchange information with each other across different spaces and times, leading to a sense of unity and generating excitement for the event. With this point in mind, we developed engawa. The purpose of engawa is to communicate what is going on at an event in real time, in order to stir up excitement for the event. Although an effective way to communicate what is happening at an event is livestreaming video, capturing participants on video is problematic due to privacy reasons. Thus, we developed engawa, a system which recreates the movements of the participants in real time using CG, allowing one to livestream video while also protecting the privacy of the participants.


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