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Extension of the Scope of Evaluation Method of Anisotropic Thermal Conductivity to Resin Materials of Higher Thermal Conductivity

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  • 定常法を用いた異方性熱伝導率推定手法の高熱伝導性樹脂材料への拡張


<p>Our newly developed scheme to evaluate anisotropic thermal conductivity has been extended its scope to include resin materials of higher thermal conductivity. In our previous work, heat input to a test sample was evaluated with an assumption that the temperature profile inside the heating block was sufficiently linear, which is no longer adequate for the resin materials because of its higher thermal resistance. To cope with such situation, we have re-defined thermal equivalent circuit to include the effects occurring inside the heating block in addition to those of the test sample. The results show that thermal equivalent circuit was adequate to evaluate the effects, which suggest that our model can be applied to the resin materials.</p>



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