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Sound Effect of a Music Box on EEG


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  • オルゴール音の効果を脳波でみると


It has been pointed out that the sound of a music box has a higher frequency over the audiblerange and that both the high frequency and its peculiar rhythm have a relaxation effetcs on listeners. One of the music therapies to make use of this effect as a healing method is the music box therapy. Therefore, the sound effct of a music box on the EEG and light topography was examined. Generally, a healthy person, physically relaxing with closed eyes, produces on α-wave pattern predominantly around the occipital region, and as the person becomes more relaxed, an increase of α-wave power and slow-wave power are observed. However, in this study using the sound of a music box in a relaxed condition, not only the increase of α-wave power and slow-wave were observed, but also the power of other frequency waves (especially β-wave) increased. In this experiment, there was a chance to measure the EEG of a patient with peripheral sensory disturbance after cerebral thrombosis when the music box therapy was given, and a remarkable increasing tendency of β-wave power was observed in this patient. These data show that the sound of a music box not only activates the cortex, but also influences the internal brain-wave activities through osteophony with its high frequency.



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