Behavior towards parents, parents’ social support, family function and depression in undergraduate students

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  • 大学生の両親に対する行動と両親からのソーシャル・サポート,家族機能,抑うつの関連

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<p>Longitudinal associations among behaviors toward parents, family relationships, and depression were investigated. In Study 1, undergraduate students (n=356) responded to items that represented behaviors toward their fathers and mothers. Exploratory factor analyses extracted three factors: Behaviors as equals, Intimate behaviors, and Aggressive verbal behaviors. Based on these results, the Behaviors toward Father Scale and the Behaviors toward Mother Scale were developed. In Study 2, undergraduate students (n=194) responded to measures assessing behaviors toward parents, parents’ social support, family function, and depression, twice at the interval of six weeks. Results indicated that Behaviors as equals toward both parents at Time 1 increased their social support to students at Time 2. Moreover, Behaviors as equals toward mothers increased family function. Also, social support from fathers and family function decreased depression. Additionally, depression increased Behaviors as equals and Intimate behaviors toward both parents, as well as Aggressive verbal behaviors toward fathers. These findings suggest that depression among undergraduate students might increase behaviors which strengthen family relationships.</p>



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