Approach by university physical education to cooperate universities, subjects and localities:

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  • 大学体育による大学間連携、科目連携、地域連携の取り組み:
  • 大学体育による大学間連携、科目連携、地域連携の取り組み : フラッグフットボールを教材として
  • ダイガク タイイク ニ ヨル ダイガク カン レンケイ 、 カモク レンケイ 、 チイキ レンケイ ノ トリクミ : フラッグフットボール オ キョウザイ ト シテ
  • Flag football as an educational tool
  • フラッグフットボールを教材として

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The purpose of this research is to present the prospect of the university physical education (P.E.) by considering the university P.E. programs in terms of cooperation amongst universities, subjects and localities.<br>  We have started some cooperation programs for universities by holding tournaments for university P.E. Flag Football (FF) involving numerous universities since 2013. Playing against different universities has motivated students during the classes and mixing with students from other universities has made it possible for some students to obtain new values and different ways of thinking. Even though students did not belong to a very“sporty”club or activity, they could participate in some sports tournaments representing their university, and such an opportunity could be a way forward for the university P.E.<br>  In the tournaments for university P.E. FF was held as part of the university P.E. classes when students learnt the know-how of organizing sports events. Instead of studying it simply to gain knowledge, planning and running the actual tournaments make it possible for students to achieve a higher level of understanding.<br>  It is important for universities, now and in the future, to cooperate with local enterprises and other organizations. This time, we worked together with a local company’s American football team and had a chance to see how the team conducted an actual sports event. We also invited some coaches from the team. It is now possible to cooperate with them on their match days and to send our students for internships.<br>  The conclusions of this research are as follows;<br>  ・No field of study is irrelevant to one’s body, hence the university P.E. can be included in various educational fields.<br>  ・The subject matter of the university P.E. is one’s body, hence it can contribute in various fields of university education.<br>  ・Cooperation amongst universities, subjects and localities is accompanied by different problems. Therefore, by facing and solving those problems by themselves, students can benefit from the Active Learning and Problemsolving Learning.



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