An Empirical Study on Outside Resource Based Corporate Venturing

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  • 外部指向型コーポレートベンチャリングに関する考察
  • 外部指向型コーポレートベンチャリングに関する考察 : ソフトバンク株式会社による関係会社創出の分析
  • ガイブ シコウガタ コーポレートベンチャリング ニ カンスル コウサツ : ソフトバンク カブシキ ガイシャ ニ ヨル カンケイ ガイシャ ソウシュツ ノ ブンセキ
  • -The Firm Creation Influence of SOFTBANK Corp. Group-
  • ―ソフトバンク株式会社による関係会社創出の分析―

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<p>The purpose of this research is to set up the hypothesis about the outside resource based corporate venturing (CV) conducted by Japanese venture enterprises. Specifically, we analyze the related companies created by the umbrella organization and the change of the segments. In order to verify the above issues, we conducted a case study about SoftBank Corp. Group. Especially, we make the databases on business segments, related companies and investments of the group. The databases are used for analysis by networking software “Pajek”. In this study, the followings are the findings regarding the outside resource based CV by Japanese venture enterprises. (1) The framework of the outside resource based CV is constructed by (a) context (strategic and economic), (b) characteristics of CV (resource transfer and investment approach), and (c) outcomes (strategic and economic). (2) The formation of outside resource based CV, conducted by Japanese venture enterprises, should be called “Type-F (Fund) organization”. At the kind of organization, most of segments are replaced in the short term, like an investment fund. There are limitations of this paper. (1) The single case study is not enough to generalize the conclusion. (2) The effect of internal corporate venturing is not researched. In order to challenge the limitation, a variety of research methods should be adopted.</p>


  • Venture Review

    Venture Review 24 (0), 27-42, 2014-09-15



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