Exploratory Study of Factors Determining Outcomes of Sixth Sector Industrialization Using Secondary Data

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  • Kobayashi Tetsu
    Leader of Food Business Innovation Research Workshop / Professor, Graduate School of Business, Osaka City University

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  • 2次データを用いた6次産業化の成果規定因に関する探索的考察


<p>Agriculture, forestry, and fisheries in Japan face serious situations due to a decline in workers and an aging population. Under these circumstances, the government has introduced measures to promote sixth sector industrialization (i.e., diversification of primary producers into processing and distribution) as a means of revitalizing these industries. However, research in this area is limited to discussion of the contents of government support measures and introduction of examples. There has been little quantitative analysis of the factors that determine the outcomes of this approach. Therefore, in this paper, we performed a quantitative analysis using the casebook of sixth sector industrialization prepared by the government. The results showed that industry revitalization was enhanced if processing and direct sales were conducted simultaneously, and that the influence on outcomes differed in the direct sales and restaurant sectors. In addition, sixth sector industrialization was more effective if there was a strong involvement with the local area.</p>



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