Development of Quality Measurement System Using Slip Ratio Model with Homogenization System

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  • 均質化機構によるスリップ比モデルを用いたクオリティ計測手法の開発


<p>Quality is an important parameter on the gas-liquid two phase flow for organizing its heat transfer, pressure loss properties and flow regime. However, a method to measure quality has not been established yet. A new quality measurement method has been developed by using the mixers and capacitive void fraction sensor. The method is based on the experimental results that the slip ratio of the two phase flow homogenized by the mixers correlates closely with quality. A slip ratio model is created using the mass flux and void fraction after the mixer. Helical type and cross type mixers are arranged in series to homogenize the two phase flow in wide range of the flow regime. Air and silicon oil are used as the working fluids in this experiment. Several types of the flow condition are made by changing the mass flow rates in the horizontal, vertical flow passages. As a result, quality can be measured within ±50% of the error at 92% cases of the whole experiments. Quality meter shows less or comparable errors compared with the Smith's formula which is generally used. In addition, quality meter can be used both for the developed and undeveloped flows.</p>



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