Reliability and Validity of Learning Scale on In-service Education for Nurses

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  • 院内教育による看護師の学習尺度の開発と信頼性,妥当性の検討
  • インナイ キョウイク ニ ヨル カンゴシ ノ ガクシュウ シャクド ノ カイハツ ト シンライセイ,ダトウセイ ノ ケントウ

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<p>The purpose of this study is to clarify the factor structure of learning that nurses working at a hospital acquire from clinical education in order to develop and test the reliability and validity of the scale of leaning from clinical education of nurses. A questionnaire comprising 53 items was prepared through examination by nurse practitioners. The subjects of a questionnaire survey were nurses who work at hospitals in Prefecture A. Exploratory factor analysis was conducted with the principal factor method and promax rotation, and reliability and validity were confirmed with the Cronbach's α coefficient and confirmatory factor analysis, respectively. The number of responses was 720 (valid response rate=43.6%), of whom 88.6% were female and 11.4% were male. The mean working year and standard deviation was 16.3±9.1 years. Five factors for 20 items comprising the scale were extracted: [acquisition of basic nursing], [expanded view toward work], [self-growth as a person], [acquisition of competency to accomplish work at one's own department], and [acquisition of autonomy as a nurse professional]. Cronbach's alpha coefficient for reliability was 0.960, which cinfirmed internal consistency. The degree of compatibility of the model with confirmatory factor analysis was GFI=0.911, AGFI=0.883, CFI=0.956, and RMSEA=0.066. It was suggested that this scale is reliable and validity, and can be used to evaluate learning acquired by nurses from clinical education.</p>


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