This is a Special Presentation of Dr. Dariusz Dobrzyński, with Some Comments about the Medical Aspects of Germanium and Its Effects on Human Health


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  • Dr. Dariusz Dobrzyński 氏の特別講演について 〜ゲルマニウムが生体に与える影響を健康科学的観点から考察する〜

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Little is yet known about the significance of Germanium for living organisms. Germanium seems to be a very promising microelement that could be used in prophylactics and therapy of such diseases as cancer, autoimmune diseases, arthritis or senile osteoporosis. However, it was reported that prolonged consumption of inorganic germanium supplements has resulted in severe adverse effects including various organ dysfunctions and even death. Therefore, there is a strong need for further and more detailed research on the mechanism of germanium action. And the most important topics to find out are the safe and effective doses as well as the duration of the treatment.


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