Let us initiate collaborations between researchers and practitioners: How to make a study design, to apply for grants, and to present the study at academic conferences

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  • 研究者と実践家の協働をはじめるために: 研究計画の立案,研究助成の申請,学会発表の仕方
  • ケンキュウシャ ト ジッセンカ ノ キョウドウ オ ハジメル タメニ : ケンキュウ ケイカク ノ リツアン,ケンキュウ ジョセイ ノ シンセイ,ガッカイ ハッピョウ ノ シカタ

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True to the slogan of the Japanese Society of Geriatric & Gerontological Behavioral Sciences; “the place to encounter care and study”, the Research Committee has aspired to nourish researchers with prac-tical wisdom to actively collaborate with practitioners. Similarly, the Committee has encouraged practitio-ners to develop a research perspective and collaborate with researchers based on their research problems. For this purpose, we held a workshop in 2018, on how to facilitate collaboration between practitioners and researchers, develop study designs, and write grant applications. This article illustrates these points and also explains how to present research at academic conferences. We have also described methods of en-couraging the young researchers in this academic society, which includes proposals for encouraging prac-titioners in care settings to make academic presentations, and future tasks of improving collaboration as a whole within the society. The Research Committee hopes that more young researchers and practitioners will collaborate, actively apply for grants, and conduct academic presentations.


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