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The Characteristics of Discourse in Lesson Study Sessions and their Impact for Novice Teacher on Teaching Practice in Higher Education

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  • KOZAI Yoshimi
    Graduate school of Education, Kyoto University
  • TAGUCHI Mana
    Center for the Promotion of Excellence in Higher Education, Kyoto University

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  • 大学の授業検討会における談話の特徴と初任教員の授業実践への影響
  • 大学の授業検討会における談話の特徴と初任教員の授業実践への影響 : 京都大学文学研究科プレFDプロジェクトを事例に
  • ダイガク ノ ジュギョウ ケントウカイ ニ オケル ダンワ ノ トクチョウ ト ショニン キョウイン ノ ジュギョウ ジッセン エ ノ エイキョウ : キョウト ダイガク ブンガク ケンキュウカ プレ FD プロジェクト オ ジレイ ニ
  • A Case Study of the Preparing Future Faculty Program in the Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University
  • 京都大学文学研究科プレFD プロジェクトを事例に

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<p>Recently, lesson study sessions are being established as an attempt to support the development of teachers’ ability to conduct a class in university education. This study focused on novice faculty and aimed to clarify the characteristics of the session discourse and its influence on the subsequent teaching practices. In order to examine the effectiveness of lesson study sessions for the Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) Program in the Graduate School of Letters at Kyoto University, discourse analysis and class VTR analysis were conducted for the novice teacher who continuously participated in the PFF Program. The results showed that the discourse tended to focus more on the class contents and explanations than class objectives and assessment. As for the influence of the discourse of lesson study sessions on teaching practices, students’ discourse or the discourse of the alternative plan found to be easier to be reflected. On the other hand, it was also found that the suggestions presented by the alternative plan were not necessarily reflected in the teaching practices.</p>


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