Sufficient description status of comments in college physical education class more increases Life skills acquisition: Longitudinal study in college physical education


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  • 大学体育実技授業の振り返り文章数を多く記述するほどライフスキルの獲得が促進される:大学体育授業を対象とした縦断研究


<p>Purpose: The aim of this longitudinal study was to examine the effects of description status of comments in college physical education class on acquisition of Life skills after the semester. Methods: Male students (n = 273) took lesson in ten times during the semester and wrote their impressions and comments of these lessons in a workbook. We collected all workbooks after the semester and calculated the number of sentences. Before and after the semester, changes of Life skills were assessed by using a daily Life skills scale for college students. Based on ascending order of average number of sentences, we assigned subjects to three groups (lower, middle, and upper groups), and then analyzed the differences and trends of score of each Life skill. Results: After the semester, the subtotal score of Knowledge information and Leadership and the total score of Personal situations, Interpersonal situations, and Life skills significantly improved (P < 0.01). Analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) revealed that with the level of the description status of comments increasing, Planning, Knowledge information, and Empathy showed statistically significant increasing trends after normalizeing for confounding factors such as age, belonging to club (yes or no), home (family home or living alone), and baseline levels of Life skills (P < 0.05). Although there was no significant difference, a tendency of increasing trend was observed in a skill of Personal situations (P = 0.055).</p><p>Conclusion: These findings suggest that sufficient description status of comments, such as a large number of sentences, more increases the skills of Planning and Knowledge information, such as the skill of Personal situations, and Empathy when students write their impressions in college physical education class.</p>


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