A Study on the Community’s Activity Performance Evaluation on an Earthquake


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  • 地震災害時の自治会活動パフォーマンス評価
  • 地震災害時の自治会活動パフォーマンス評価 : 地区防災計画を策定した自治会を対象として
  • ジシン サイガイジ ノ ジチカイ カツドウ パフォーマンス ヒョウカ : チク ボウサイ ケイカク オ サクテイ シタ ジチカイ オ タイショウ ト シテ
  • -Focus on the community formulated Community Disaster Management Plan-
  • -地区防災計画を策定した自治会を対象として―

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<p>On the large-scale disaster, the power of community disaster management is very important. After the Great East Japan earthquake, the community disaster management plan system was started. After making the plan, the community is needed to prepare for the disaster according to the plan. In this study, we focused on communitiy associations that formulated the plan and investigated the actual situation of the community disaster management based on a questionair survey on community association officers and residents. And we also evaluated the feasibility of disaster management of community association targeted using FTA method. Further, we got suggestions of future community disaster prevention activities.</p>



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