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City of Philadelphia’s Framework towards Strategic Green Infrastructure Planning and Implementation

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  • フィラデルフィア市におけるグリーンインフラ計画と実装の仕組みに関する研究
  • フィラデルフィアシ ニ オケル グリーンインフラ ケイカク ト ジッソウ ノ シクミ ニ カンスル ケンキュウ

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<p>This research aims to analyze the framework of green infrastructure (GI) plans and implementation in the City of Philadelphia, USA. Background of this research are challenges on creating a new type of holistic framework towards strategic GI planning and implementation. Research methods include a detailed literature review and interviews with the City of Philadelphia Water Department GI group, and consulting “Green City, Clean Waters (GCCW)” to understand the development and framework of GI planning. We identified three phases of GI planning and implementation by analyzing selected GI plans in relation to EPA GI planning and policy. In addition, we created a map and charts showing GI implementation in the City. Research results are as follows. First, this research clarified the development of GI planning in Philadelphia. In the timeframe, there are ‘Water quality control period’, ‘GI planning development period’ and ‘GI implementation acceleration period’; GCCW performed key roles in setting GI goals, visions and methods. In addition, GI partnership and the interaction between EPA and the City were confirmed. Second, Philadelphia’s GI planning to implementation framework with planning process, organizational structures, GI incentives and community engagement was revealed. Finally, through this research a holistic framework towards strategic GI planning and implementation was clarified.</p>



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