Relationship between social receptivity of technology and educational background


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  • 技術の社会受容性検討:バックグランドとしての教育との関係に着目して


<p>New technology is accepted by society when people use the products or services utilizing it. Usability and the support design for people to be able to use by themselves are important to raise such social receptivity. We concerned if everyone accept technology in the same way. Thus, we consider about the relationship between social receptivity of technology and educational background of its users. The questionnaire for 1st year or senior students of engineering or literature departments were analyzed focusing on cognition about usability and support, on skills to use ICT and awareness of manufacturing. Results revealed differences between engineering students and literature students on evaluation criterion about usability, and prioritization of usability improvement items. These gaps were suggested to derive from engineering education. It was shown that the gaps of educational background between technology providers and assumption users should be considered to raise such social receptivity.</p>



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