Time-Domain Measurements of Terahertz Waves Generated from Picosecond Optical Parametric Oscillator

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  • ピコ秒光パラメトリック発振器から発生した テラヘルツ波の時間波形計測
  • Laser Original ピコ秒光パラメトリック発振器から発生したテラヘルツ波の時間波形計測
  • Laser Original ピコビョウ ヒカリ パラメトリック ハッシンキ カラ ハッセイ シタ テラヘルツハ ノ ジカン ハケイ ケイソク

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This paper describes the fi rst demonstration of the time-domain measurements of terahertz (THz)-wave pulses generated from a picosecond optical parametric oscillator (ps-OPO). Unlike pyroelectric detectors, photoconductive antennas allow us to observe the time-discrete THz-wave pulses that depend on arrayed Si-prism couplers. By replacing them with a larger single type, the phase distortion of THzwave pulses was compensated and a single THz-wave pulse with the peak frequency of ~0.2 THz was obtained.



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