The <i>Pishamen yigui</i> 毘沙門儀軌 Translation by Amoghavajra

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  • 不空訳『毘沙門儀軌』について
  • フクウ ヤク 『 ビシャモンギキ 』 ニ ツイテ

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<p>This paper focuses on bibliographical information concerning the Pishamen yigui 毘沙門儀軌 translated by Amoghavajra 不空. Previous studies have considered that this work is of non-Indic origin. The Pishamen yigui consists of three parts: Yiguibu 儀軌部, Yuanqibu 縁起部, and Siji 私記. Since the contents of these three parts are not connected to each other, they seem to have developed separately. Moreover, this text is not contained in the catalogue (表制集) of texts translated by Amoghavajra. Therefore, the translator (or compiler) of this Yigui should not be accepted as Amoghavajra.</p><p>The text of this Yigui contained in the presently used canons is derived from a version preserved in the Hasedera in Japan. This is most likely derived from a text found in the Kozanji edited by Jijun 慈順.</p>


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