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Future prospects on the use of text mining in medical literature in Japan that utilized Ichushi-Web


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  • 医学系文献データベース情報を使ったテキストマイニングの将来展望
  • イガクケイ ブンケン データベース ジョウホウ オ ツカッタ テキストマイニング ノ ショウライ テンボウ

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<p>In late years, the text mining attracts attention in the medical research field. This technique is used as a qualitative investigation to understand a clinical phenomenon in the nursing science. In addition, the text mining is used for grasping a study trend by information to be provided from the bibliographic database. In this article, we analyzed the medical literature of text mining that utilized Ichushi-Web using technique of the text mining. Furthermore, we elaborate it about future prospects of the text mining.</p>



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