In-depth Chemical State Analysis of a Lanthanum Silicate Layer Formed by Thermal Oxidation of LaSix/Si(100)


A lanthanum silicate surface layer was formed by thermal oxidation of LaSix/Si(100). Chemical states of the layered material were nondestructively analyzed from the Si K beta spectra measured by an electron-induced x-ray emission spectroscopy in a grazing incidence setup. In-depth analysis was performed by changing the accelerating voltage of the electron beam. The Si K beta spectrum was a sum of the spectral components of the surface silicate layer and the buried silicon substrate. The silicate component was decreased with increasing electron energies from 3.0 to 5.0 keV. For quantitative analysis, the Si K beta spectra were decomposed into the components of surface silicate layer and buried silicon substrate by the least square method. The variation of the relative amount of the Si K beta x-rays from the silicate layer is compared with that evaluated from the depth distribution of x-ray production calculated by a Monte Carlo simulation method. It was confirmed that they show similar energy dependences, and estimates of the silicate layer thickness were given as values from 200 to 400 A.



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