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  • ベイズ推定を用いた海底地形データの融合手法に関する研究
  • ベイズ スイテイ オ モチイタ カイテイ チケイ データ ノ ユウゴウ シュホウ ニ カンスル ケンキュウ

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<p> In this study, we proposed a Bayesian method to synthesize the bathymetric data measured by various methods in the same nearshore area. Four cost-effective bathymetric measurement and depth estimation methods with different characteristics, such as survey precision and coverage, were used to obtain km-order extensive bathymetric data. The error information was clarified by comparing them with accurate bathymetries from acoustic surveys. Using features that allow the frequency distribution of the errors to be approximated by a normal distribution, each depth information was fused with the error information using a conjugate prior distribution. The single depth measurement methods had a precision σ of about 0.2 to 1.0 m. Although, in the region where these all overlap, the precision σ improved to about 0.15 m theoretically. Compared to the cross-shore section of the bathymetry, the section data, which was fused with the depths, converged to the reference bathymetry from the acoustic survey. It was shown that the Bayesian approach could be used to produce bathymetric data with higher precision than individual bathymetric data with different precision obtained by various measurement methods.</p>


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